Harmony House, the brand new album by Dave Dobbyn is available from iTunes, SPOTIFY, and all good record stores.

UK customers can get a physical copy from here and here.

Dave describes his new album as a "record of hope". It comes in two halves.

"I think there is something naively pop about the first half, songwise and in its melodies...apart from the opening track, which is a challenge.

"The second half gets into the darker heart of the house, though I think there is plenty of light there. I can't wait for reactions to the title tracks, Harmony House. I think we managed to encapsulate the saddest thing, in the grooviest way, on that closing cut."

Produced by Luke Buda & Sam Flynn Scott from The Phoenix Foundation.

Here's what the reviewers are saying:


"This contains as much heart and soul as any Dave Dobbyn album ever has. And somehow it feels like a whole lot more than that too. As if a weight of a world had to be discovered first before it could be lifted. And that’s been worth the wait. This here is the measurement. This here is the gold."



"...it refreshes the timeless theme with a casual brilliance that reminds me of Paul McCartney, while Scott and Buda know enough to keep out of the way here and just let Dobbyn do what he does so well."